Digital Advertising Screens – Going Outdoors

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Digital advertising screens are a cheap and effective method of out of home advertising made possible due to the flat screen television revolution. Modern LCD (liquid crystal display) and plasma screens are so much thinner than the CRT (cathode ray tube) televisions of old that they are often placed on walls or on mountings to display advertising information.

Digital signage is very effective for advertisers too, with many benefits over traditional static posters and advertisements.

Digital advertising is now going outdoors

Firstly, on a single advertising screen multiple adverts can be played with each commercial being changed at regular (often eight seconds) intervals.

Secondly, with digital advertising content can be uploaded remotely rather than have to rely on technicians to manually post up adverts and replace older content, which has costs savings in both manpower and fuel use.

Finally, digital advertising is flexible. Not only can content be uploaded remotely but also it can be scheduled for specific times. For instance, food advertisements from fast food restaurants and snack bars can be played at lunchtimes, while local bars can advertise in the evening, providing more targeting for advertisers.

Most digital advertising screens, however, are situated in indoors in locations such as shopping malls, retail stores, rail stations and airports, but these areas are limited with the potential audience they can reach. Retail stress for instance can only advertise to people already on their premises but by taking a screen outside you can lure people into the store and take advantage of a much larger audience.

Outdoor digital signage and digital outdoor advertising has greater viewership potential than indoor screens as the audience numbers are greater. Not only can advertisers using outdoor digital advertising target the pedestrians around a shopping location but also those people  who are passing in cars or on public transport.

Outdoor digital advertising uses similar technology, often the same types of screens that are used indoors but they are protected using a form of outdoor digital signage enclosure (LCD enclosure). These outdoor TV enclosures keep the screens protected from the weather and enable them to operate in all weathers providing a cost effective and simple solution to providing outdoor digital advertising.

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