Choosing Outdoor Screen Size

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When implementing outdoor digital signage, outdoor screen size is an important factor to take into consideration. With indoor signage, screen size doesn’t make too much difference; however, with an outdoor screen, the size is important for several reasons.

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Visibility of Outdoor Screen

Unlike indoor digital signage, outdoor screens have to try harder to get people to notice them. There are far more distractions outdoors competing for people’s attention, so any outdoor screen needs to be large enough to grab people’s attention. The larger the screen the better, which is why increasingly advertisers are using giant outdoor screens in public thoroughfares to make people take notice. Smaller displays just aren’t effective enough at distracting people from shop window displays, traditional print advertisements and other outdoor furniture.

When people do view outdoor screens, they also spend less time looking at the content, very rarely stopping to engage with the screen. Most outdoor displays are simply glanced which is why any content needs to be as bold and prominent as possible and this is only achievable using a large sized screen.

Viewing Distance of Outdoor Screen

Another reason why outdoor screens need to be larger than those implemented indoors is that people view outdoor screens from farther away. Unlike screens in shopping malls and airports, which typically people view when passing by, people often view outdoor screens from the other side of the street or going past in public transport. This is another reason why size is so important. Also, this is why many outdoor screens are positioned to grab people’s attention from as many possible angles as possible.

What Size Outdoor Screen

Available locations, budget and the application for the outdoor screen will also affect the size required. Generally, information screens do not need to be as large as those providing advertising or branding, as people may seek out the screen voluntarily. For promotional screens, size may depend on the restrictions of whatever location the screen is to be mounted and where the audience footfall is coming from.

Generally, the 36” to 46” screens used indoors are too small for outdoor use, and outdoor screens should be at least 50” or over. This may prove expensive if relying on waterproof outdoor screens, which at this sort of size range can be astronomical in price. Fortunately, outdoor TV enclosures that protect standard screens in outdoor environments are readily available in sizes up to and over 70”. This enables the outdoor use of standard 70” hardware, which is far cheaper than weatherproof systems, and ensures the outdoor screen is operating as effectively as possible.

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