Digital Advertising Screens for Retail

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Over the last few years, in-store promotion has changed dramatically. Nearly all major retail stores now have some form of in-store digital advertising network, with digital advertising screens dotted around stores, promoting and advertising to customers.

Armagard Digital Advertising ScreenDigital advertising screens have plenty of advantages over using traditional printed media for in-store promotion. Firstly, a digital advertising screen is far more engaging that static sale’s posters. With the right content, showing moving images, transitions and with modern HD technology, in-store advertising can become dynamic, eye-catching and attract more attention than traditional media

Secondly, once installed, a digital advertising screens provides flexibility to upload content whenever required. This flexibility means promotional content can be changed immediately, to suit particular promotions or times of day. This enables retailers to target specific audiences with more relevant content than just a broad promotional campaign which can’t be tailored to different times of the day.

Thirdly, while a digital advertising screen requires an initial investment, there aren’t the continual costs associated with print advertising. Once installed a digital advertising screen can provide a platform for promotional content for years to come. While new content may cost money to generate, this can not only be done in-house, but also for larger chain stores, one single advert can be used by every store. Regardless of how many screens are showing the promotional material, the same content costs no more to produce.

Digital advertising screens can be networked, with all devices across various sites linked together and content uploaded remotely to all screens, or for smaller stores, simple digital advertising posters and displays allow content to be manually uploaded using USB devices.

Digital advertising screens are effective at brand building, influencing customer behavior, providing information, advertising, and can ultimately increase sales. But to use them effectively in retail, digital advertising screens need to be placed in the right location.

Point of sale is a common location where many retailers place their digital advertising screens. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, when people are waiting in line to pay, they are a captive audience and more likely to engage with the screen. Secondly, point of sale locations enable the pushing of promotional goods near to the cash registers. This provides a way of manipulating a buyer’s behavior by offering tempting promotions while they are waiting.

But point of sale is not the only location that digital advertising screens are effective. Placing a screen near to an entrance ensures that everybody that enters the store is targeted. This means the screen engages with that are just browsing, perhaps encouraging purchases and can also attract people walking buy and just window shopping, tempting them into the store to take advantage of the promotion.

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