Digital Signage Hardware – Any Size LCD can be protected by an LCD Enclosure

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In embarking on a digital signage campaign there are generally three things to consider: content, location and hardware. Obviously the content will differ according to the location, its audience and the type of message you wish to get across. However, when it comes to digital signage Hardware for your advertising campaign there is a flexible and versatile solution.

Most digital signage campaigns utilize either standard LCD or plasma TV screens. While these devices have no problem in coping with the demands of a digital advertising campaign the location of such screens can be problematic.

Plasma and LCD TV screens are mass produced and are designed for the home entertainment market. The types of conditions that an LCD is expected to operate in, for a digital advertising campaign, can be completely different to the types of environment they are normally expected to work in.

Whether it is a digital outdoor signage campaign or the LCD TV’s need to be protected from attempted vandalism, theft or even industrial hazards like dust and heavy impacts, an LCD enclosure is a do-all digital signage hardware solution for most signage systems.

LCD enclosures are often manufactured to NEMA 4x standard meaning they can cope with the outdoor elements as they are resistant to water.

Furthermore, many of these enclosures are built with additional environmental controls such as air circulation and heating devices so they can be used outdoors, regardless of the ambient temperature.

This protection also makes them ideal in industrial applications where hazards like dust or dirt could normally shorten the life of any TV like device but also the solid steel chassis of an LCD enclosure can withstand heavy impacts that can often occur in these industrial areas and also makes them highly resistant to vandalism or attempted theft.

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