Digital Signage for Schools and Colleges

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As with many institutions, schools, colleges and universities require an effective communication platform to provide information to students, staff and visitors. However, messaging around a large academic campus can prove challenging. Digital Signage for Schools is an ideal solution.


An Armagard digital signage system in a school in Pennsylvania

Firstly, there is the sheer size of the locations. Many schools, colleges and universities are spread over large areas, often with multiple entrances. Secondly, there is the sheer number of people attending. People don’t always attend at the same time, especially at colleges and universities, which have varying lecture times, so making sure everybody is kept informed of important information becomes difficult.

A campus digital signage network can prove a real asset for many academic institutions and can prove the solution to the problematic issue of effective messaging that other platforms can’t provide.

While most schools, colleges and universities provide staff and students with email facilities, these are only effective when people check their messages. Often this can mean information isn’t seen for days, which makes it useless when there is a need to relay critical information, such as emergencies or last minute changes. And email is not effective at communicating with visitors or new students who may not yet have access to an email account.

Other traditional messaging systems also have their weaknesses. The traditional noticeboard, for instance, requires somebody to pin up new information, and over a large campus, this can prove a logistically nightmare. Noticeboards also require active participation, in other words people have to want to visit the noticeboard to read the information.

Campus outdoor digital signage gets around all these problems. Firstly, it is highly noticeable. Positioned at entrances and at key junctions throughout a building, a digital signage display provides a highly visible and noticeable form of communication. Able to communicate to everybody entering a building, Digital Signage for Schools ensures everybody is made aware of the information.

Secondly, content on a digital signage network can be uploaded remotely, which means screens across a wide area can all have the same information on them at the same time. Finally, digital signage can provide real time information, so in emergencies all screens can display warnings, instantly and at the same time. This makes sure everybody on site is aware of an incident or emergency situation.

And digital signage is not just capable of communicating to people inside a building, either. Outdoor digital signage can mean that anybody on campus can be made aware of important information, something that is crucial if an emergency situation arises as it will prevent people stumbling into danger.

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