Digital Signage Solutions – Indoors and Out

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With more and more screens being erected in out of home environments for use as advertising, promotion and display boards, digital signage is currently one of the fastest and most effective forms of out of home advertising.

Increasingly, more retailers, advertisers and businesses wish to get involved in this modern and effective method of marketing but many people are put off by the high technical demands and the initial investment; however, there are simple digital signage solutions that can alleviate the technical headaches, while embarking on a digital signage project does not have to be expensive either.

Indoor Digital Posters

One of the simplest digital signage solutions for indoor locations is the digital poster. Digital posters are a turn-key system that contains everything that is needed to just plug-and-play and begin a digital advertising campaign.

A digital poster usually comprises of a screen and media player where content can be uploaded either across a network or by accessing a (usually lockable) USB slot at the rear of the unit.

Once content is uploaded, the digital poster is ready to begin operation with little technical know-how required.

Outdoor LCD Enclosures

Outdoor digital signage is becoming just as popular as indoor systems. Costs are often a lot higher for an outdoor campaign as regular commercial hardware used indoors can’t be transported outside. Any screen operating in the open air needs to be protected from the weather which is where the additional costs come in.

One cost-effective solution is to use standard LCD or plasma equipment and house them in an outdoor enclosure. Outdoor LCD enclosures (and plasma enclosures) provide all the outdoor protection that is required enabling indoor screens to be used outside, saving the high costs of buying specialist outdoor TV equipment.

Digital Signage Solutions – Return on Investment

While there are initial investment costs in embarking in any digital signage campaign, return on this investment can be extremely quick. When you consider the ongoing costs of printed media: print and design cost, not to mention paying technicians to paste up new content. These costs are eliminated with digital signage and as each display screen can be used to play multiple adverts, you can maximize the revenue from each advertising space.

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