Digital Signage Totem Advantages

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Digital signage displays come in a various shapes, sizes and guises including the digital signage totem. Choosing the right solution for an application can make a huge difference in the effectiveness of a digital signage display, which in turn makes a huge difference to the return on investment of the display.

Of course, the right location and having engaging content are also important, but the platform can also make a big difference. If an audience doesn’t notice a screen, then no matter how good the content, the effectiveness of the digital signage display is compromised.

free standing digital signage display enclosure

Floor standing totem

One of the most noticeable types display is the digital signage totem. These standalone units come in various sizes and styles but are similar in their prominence. Rather than be positioned against a wall or hung from a ceiling a digital signage totem is a floor standing display that becomes a feature, which is hard to miss by an audience.

Digital signage totems are both effective indoors and out. The totem design is nothing new. Long before digital signage began usurping static signs, traditional outdoor advertisers used totem displays to show outdoor adverts. Often, these were known as ‘six-sheeters’ because the displays would house six adverts connected together, which would change at regular intervals. This enabled advertisers to maximize the real estate of the display unit. And digital signage totems are just as effective at this. Advertisers can use a totem display to provide multiple content at a valued space. Of course, with a digital signage totem, replacing advertising is far simpler as content can be uploaded at will, and in real time.

But it is not just advertisers that benefit from the visibility of a digital signage totem. For retailers they can provide a prominent messaging system that can assure customers get to see the promotions offered on the screen. A digital signage totem, positioned at a store entrance will ensure everybody entering will notice the content. Even in front of buildings, totems provide an effective messaging system. Outdoor digital signage totems that are impervious to the rain and other weather elements are ideal ways to relay important information to visitors to a building. The prominence and noticeability means that important information won’t be missed.

From drive-thrus to museum entrances, retail stores to colleges, digital signage totems provide one of the engaging, prominent and eye-catching platforms for digital signage content and are far more effective at getting people’s attention than comparable digital signage systems.

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