Five Common uses for LCD Enclosures

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With their comprehensive form of protection that enables standard LCD screens to operate in outdoor and hostile locations, LCD enclosures have many uses; however, there are certain applications that favor the use of LCD enclosures and are the most common uses for these protective devices.

LCD Enclosures for Outdoor Digital Signage

Perhaps the most common use for any outdoor screen these days is use as out of home advertising, commonly known as outdoor digital signage. Because of the potential to reach such high audience numbers in outdoor locations, digital signage placed outside provides advertisers and businesses with a relative low-cost form of marketing. Even in today’s technology-driven world, with internet and mobile advertising alongside the traditional TV, newspaper and magazine advertising, outdoor digital signage can obtain audience figures that no other media can reach for the equivalent cost.

LCD enclosures provide a simple and cost-effective method of implementing outdoor digital signage too. With the ability to use standard screens, keeping the protected from the weather, temperature and physical risks of an outdoor environment LCD enclosures are becoming widely used for outdoor digital signage.

LCD Enclosures for Outdoor Information Screens

Many businesses such as transportation companies are now using screens to provide customer information. Train and bus stations find the ability to upload immediate information keeps customer’s happy and informed. Many of these locations are in semi-outdoor locations, either under a bus shelter or on a railway platform. Keeping the devices protected is, therefore, important, which is why many of these information screens are housed in LCD enclosures.

LCD Enclosures for Industrial Digital Signage

Because LCD enclosure protect against liquids, dust and temperature extremes, they provide enough protection to allow screen use in industrial and factory locations. Screens are used in these types of locations as a means of employee communications keeping staff informed of processes, quotas, schedules and other important information.

LCD Enclosures for Outdoor TV

Using televisions outdoors has become increasingly common in bars and pubs, especially since the rise of smoking bans. Keeping customers entertained is enabling pubs and bars to keep hold of their customers for longer. And it’s not only public houses that use outdoor TVs. More and more householders are installing outdoor TVs in gardens and patios and CD enclosures provide ideal protection, both shielding the screen from the weather and providing security against theft or damage.

LCD Enclosures for Vulnerable TV Protection

The physical protection offered by an LCD enclosure enables TVs to be used in locations where they could undergo physical impacts. LCD enclosures have even been used to house TVs in ape houses in zoos, enabling the zoo’s inhabitants to be entertained while ensuring both the TV protected from impact and the apes are protected from the screen.

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