From the High Street to the Mall – Digital Signage Locations and Applications

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Digital out of Home (Dooh) is a relatively new industry. It is the use of TV screens taken outside the home for commercial, advertising and information purposes. For such a new industry, digital signage has been an incredibly fast moving market, with new installations, innovations and methods of deployment being implemented every day.

From the local shopping mall where digital advertising screens are installed inside retail units, along concourses and around the mall, to outdoor digital signage along high streets and transport hubs, LCD displays are now just as likely to be seen outdoors as they are in indoor locations.

LCD enclosures for outdoor digital signage

Outdoor digital signage has several advantages over indoor displays. The prime advantage of using outdoor digital signage compared to an indoor system is the potential audience figures that can be generated. Even the busiest shopping mall or store will only have limited number of visitors but a screen placed outside on the high street will have so many times more. Not only do you get all the same visitors walking into the shopping mall but also all those people that walk past; also, outdoor digital signage can be viewed not just by pedestrians but those going past in vehicles or public transport.

There are other advantages to outdoor digital signage too.  Standard print media is not only less attractive and eye-catching than modern and dynamic digital screens, but also traditional print media requires technicians to drive around outdoor advertising locations to replace advertisements.

A further advantage to outdoor digital signage is the real time and scheduled possibilities of the media. Content can be uploaded immediately, to a network of dozens and even hundreds of screens, from one central location. This content can also be scheduled to play at specific times, ideal for time sensitive content.

Outdoor digital signage is changing the way we view outdoor advertising and is made possible by the development and falling prices of both LCD screens and their protective LCD enclosures that allow standard devices to be taken outdoors in almost any weather or location.

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