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TVs are no longer just the remit of our living rooms and kitchens. With the falling cost of modern flatscreen TV systems such as LCD and plasma screens, the locations that TVs are now to be found in are almost limitless.

24"-70" Armagard's LCD Enclosure Range

24"-70" Armagard's LCD Enclosure Range

There are numerous applications for an outdoor LCD screen: Outdoor digital signage, outdoor entertainment, information provision and advertising being just a few of the applications for outdoor TVs.

And the number of outdoor LCD TVs being manufactured has increased too, however, unlike their standard indoor counter-parts, outdoor LCD TVs are comparatively extremely expensive. Part of the reason for this is that a standard TV cannot operate outdoors due to elements such as rain or snow and so much of the cost of an outdoor TV goes into the technology that protects the TV from the weather.

However, there are less expensive methods of utilising outdoor TVs whist still providing all the necessary protection for the screen to be used safely in outside locations. Outdoor LCD TV enclosures allow standard TVs to be used outside offing all the protection that a bespoke outdoor TV offers.

An outdoor LCD enclosure is waterproof, often to IP65 or NEMA 4, and protected from airborne debris. Often too they contain thermostatically controlled cooling and heating systems to allow their use in different temperatures from snow covered areas to operation in the baking sun.

And other options are available for an LCD enclosure such as anti-glare glass to ensure clear visibility of the screen under direct sunlight or cool air curtain that prevents any hotspots damaging the screen under extreme sunlight.

As an LCD enclosure houses a standard off-the-shelf TV system they are extremely cost effective to use. They are also more-often-than-not manufactured from solid steel so they offer protection against vandalism and theft, something many specific outdoor LCD TVs do not.

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