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There are many locations where, due to the weather, living outdoors is a distinct possibility. More and more people in these types of locations have areas on their patio, by their pool, in the backyard or somewhere else outside where they can relax and unwind in the open air.

While barbecues have enabled Al Fresco eating for sometime, it is only recently that technology has advanced enough to enable outdoor TV use to be a cost effective reality.

Watching the big sports game, favorite TV show or a late night movie in the fresh air, especially during the warmer months, can be a real pleasure which is why there has been a surge in interest for outdoor TVs.

An Outdoor TV can be a joy

Outdoor TVs – The Options

There are various options for watching TV in an outdoor environment and they can vary in practicality and cost.

The simplest option, and the most cost effective, is to take an old living room TV and place it outdoors. Ideally, this should be in castors as any device left out overnight, or in a sudden downpour will probably fail, but equally it is not the most practical method – having to wheel a TV back and forth.

To have a permanent outdoor TV installed then the most obvious solution is to purchase a waterproof outdoor TV.  While these are highly expensive, they do allow the TV to be permanently left outdoors. They do need to be secure though as they make a tempting target for thieves and as they are highly expensive – a replacement could be crippling.

The third option for outdoor TV use is to use a standard LCD device but to enable it to be a permanent fixture it can be housed in an outdoor LCD enclosure. Outdoor LCD enclosures are not only waterproof, preventing the housed TV from becoming damaged from the rain, but they can also be securely mounted and offer a vandal proof steel enclosure to deter acts of tampering.

The greatest advantage of an outdoor TV enclosure, however, is the fact that they cost only a fraction of the price of specific outdoor LCD systems. Even with the price of the enclosed TV taken into account (that could even be an old indoor family TV) the combination of LCD enclosure and TV is still a fraction of the cost of a specific outdoor screen.

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