Mounting Tips for Outdoor LCD Enclosures

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Outdoor LCD enclosures are increasingly becoming popular hardware for people placing screens in an outdoor location. They are used to protect displays for outdoor digital signage, outdoor information screens, or even outdoor TVs in beer gardens and back yards.

The LCD enclosure is a solid steel, fully weatherproof barrier but also through climatic controls ensures the interior of the enclosure is the optimum environment for running a screen – no matter what the ambient conditions or temperatures are like.

With the protection taken care of, the only decision that needs to be made is where and how the outdoor screen is going to be mounted.

There are really three choices for mounting a TV in outdoor LCD enclosures:

Mounting options

Floor Mounted

For the best effect a floor mounted screen is perhaps best. Because it is obtrusive and ‘in-the-way’ for outdoor digital signage mounting the TV in a walkway will get the most attention. Usually, LCD enclosures are mounted on poles that are secured to the floor.  These poles can be of varying lengths to ensure the required height.

Ceiling Mounted

Floor mounting an outdoor digital signage screen or exterior TV is not always possible or practical. For space saving and practicality a  lot of screens are often mounted on a ceiling bracket. This works fine for information screens as people actively seek out the content but for advertising and signage it is not desired as it will all too often get ignored as people walk underneath.

Wall Mounted

A better compromise for outdoor digital signage is mounting the screen on the wall. This can be done flat, ideal for installing an outdoor TV but to ensure maximum view-ability for signage and advertising, a tilted bracket should be used; by tilting the screen it enables the display to be angled towards the eyes of the approaching audience which will help ensure the display is not missed.

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