Outdoor Digital Signage made Simple with a Portrait Flat Panel Enclosure

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Digital signage is all the rage these days. And with a portrait flat panel enclosure there is a simple solution for installing digital signage outdoors and creating a cost effective  outdoor digital poster. Unlike indoor digital signs seen in airports and shopping malls, outdoor systems need protection from the elements. This used to be a costly affair, but not anymore, thanks to the  portrait flat panel enclosure.

The use of outdoor digital signage systems, such as the  outdoor digital poster  has many benefits over indoor systems, primarily in the size of audience these displays can reach. Unlike indoor display, which relies on the number of people entering a store, shopping mall or other area, an  outdoor digital poster  can not only reach these same people as they enter, but also reach people walking past. The only problem with going outdoors with a digital signage system is the cost of keeping it operational out in the weather, which is why a  portrait flat panel enclosure  provides such an ideal solution.

Portrait Flat Panel Enclosure – a Cost Effective Solution

Unlike expensive waterproof display systems that are designed for outdoor use a  portrait flat panel enclosure  houses a standard LCD or plasma screen, the same type of screen used in front rooms up and down the country. Normally these devices couldn’t operate outdoors as the rain, temperature and other hazards of an outdoor area would soon disable the device. But a  portrait flat panel enclosure  provides all the protection necessary turning almost any make, model or type of flat panel TV into an  outdoor digital poster.

Portrait mode, where the screen is mounted vertically, is the preferred choice for most digital signage because it saves space. It also looks the same as traditional, static of out of home advertising, which has been seen in shopping malls and transport hubs for generations. While there are many solutions for protecting LCD displays on the market, up until now, there have been few examples of portrait flat panel enclosures.

Portrait Flat Panel Enclosure – Return on Investment

These are a great solution to the traditional outdoor digital poster  as they provide a really good return on investment over normal outdoor digital signage devices. All screens, regardless of whether they are designed for outdoor use of not, have a limited lifecycle and will eventually need to be replaced. This can be costly for outdoor digital signage as outdoor screen typically cost many times more than standard devices.

However, because a  portrait flat panel enclosure does accommodate standard devices, when it comes to replacing the outdoor digital poster the new device can simply be inserted inside the same enclosure. Over time, this provides a huge saving and makes the original  portrait flat panel enclosure  a long-term investment with an excellent return. Maintenance and repair is also simple, and because the  portrait flat panel enclosure  is designed for outdoor use, they are rugged and resistant to vandalism, weather and variable seasonal temperatures.

Whether its signage outside a shopping mall or retail store advertising to passing trade, or an  outdoor digital poster  outside a school, college or hospital, a  portrait flat panel enclosure  provides the ideal solution for the demands of using digital signage in almost any outdoor environment.

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