Secure and Vandal Proof Outdoor Screens

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Placing a TV screen outside is becoming a common and popular activity. Not only are many bars and pubs placing screens in beer gardens and outdoor areas as more drinkers spend time outside, but also homeowners after that ultimate outdoor luxury are looking to install TVs in their backyards too.

There are many issues with placing a screen outdoor, and you can’t simply stick any old LCD or plasma outside – you need to vandal proof outdoor screens to maximise their lifespan.

While any make, model or size of TV can be taken outdoors it will need protecting with an LCD enclosure. These outdoor TV enclosures house the TV in a weatherproof cabinet which not only keeps the weather elements away from the device but also ensures the internal temperature of the LCD enclosure never falls or goes above the optimum for the screen.

But the protection offered by an LCD enclosure doesn’t just stop there.

Often with outdoor screens, a lot of consideration goes into weather protection. Indeed many made-for-outdoor TVs are now readily available – for a price – that can operate in these outdoor locations without a protective enclosure. However, the weather is not the only harmful outdoor element.

Any screen left outdoors, particularly overnight, will need to be secured from both theft and vandalism. The great advantage of LCD enclosures is that they provide unmatched security for outdoor TV screens.

Made from steel with shatter-proof screens, an LCD enclosure is rugged and tough, able to withstand the most severe of impacts and attacks by vandals. And with multiple mounting options, once erected the screen is secured against theft too, with tamperproof locks often fitted for locations where theft is a concern.

Securing an outdoor TV is vital if is to be left unattended in any outdoor location, which is why so many people are turning to outdoor LCD enclosures as a means of providing outdoor TVs. Not only are they more secure than other forms of outdoor TV, but they are also a cheaper option as the combined cost of an LCD enclosure plus the housed TV is often many times lower than the price of a standard outdoor screen.

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