Outdoor Protection for LCD TV’s

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With smoking bans and the growing trend for people to want to spend more recreational time outdoors, there has been a growing increase in the number of plasma or LCD TV screens that are being used outside.

Many pubs, bars and restaurants are now seeing the appeal of entertaining their guests outdoors, whether it’s to keep the smokers occupied or to attract passing customers. And with the forthcoming World Cup in South Africa, the amount of outdoor LCD and plasma TV’s is set to multiply.

There are many considerations in using LCD TV outdoors, not only is the TV in a vulnerable position where any passing thief or vandal could be tempted but also the TV screen is out in the elements and needs to be protected from the weather.

The simplest and easy solution that will allow a TV to be used outdoors and be protected from the rain, snow and wind, whilst also being secure against vandals and thieves, is to use an outdoor TV enclosure. These LCD enclosures can not only protect almost any standard commercial TV from weather elements like rain, they are built from solid steel and are lockable and secure meaning they can be left outdoors, even when the pub is closed, and are protected from theft and vandalism.

Not only is an outdoor LCD TV enclosure secure and designed to ensure any standard LCD TV can operate in the harshest of conditions, they can are also easy to mount. A standard LCD TV inside an LCD enclosure and connected to the pub’s speaker system is the simplest and most cost effective way of installing an outdoor TV.

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