Protecting a TV Outdoors

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Increased leisure time and more people entertaining at home rather than going to pubs and bars, means watching television outside is becoming a common want for many householders and homeowners.

The slim-line shape and size of modern LCD TVs make them ideal for mounting on walls, as they are discreet and unobtrusive. LCD TVs have also fallen dramatically in price over recent years.

Outdoor TVs Need Protection

Risks of using a TV Outdoors

Using a conventional television outside is not practical. Risks for using TVs outside include:

  • Rain — rainfall will permanently disable a television and can lead to short-circuiting the house and even resulting in electrocution.
  • Dust — airborne dust will penetrate into a television and lead to a host of problems, from overheating to short circuits.
  • Temperature — the ambient temperatures of different seasons can lead to television failure.
  • Sunlight — the sun’s rays can burn a screen face, cause overheating and create glare preventing viewing.
  • Theft and vandalism — leaving a TV outside can attract thieves and vandals.

Protecting a TV Outdoors

Protecting televisions outdoors requires countering all the above risk factors and keeping the TV secure and safe. Using an LCD enclosure is perhaps the most cost effective and secure method of using televisions outside.

LCD enclosures come in a variety of sizes and are built to manufacturers specifications like VESA, so can accommodate almost any size, make or model of TV.

Waterproof and weatherproof, and LCD TV enclosures also keep dust and airborne particles away from the TV. Made from steel and with shatterproof screens, once mounted, LCD enclosures are secured from theft and vandalism.

Climatic systems inside the enclosure keep the internal temperature at the optimum for running a TV, avoiding overheating and freezing, no matter what the seasonal temperature is; these systems also provide ventilation.

With LCD enclosures, outdoor television viewing becomes both practical and affordable as expensive made-for-outdoor TVs that cost up to ten times the price of regular LCDs are not required.

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