The Ever increasing Size of LCD TVs

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LCD TVs are now in almost every home in the country. Gone are the old bulky cathode ray tubes of yesteryear, now our home entertainment is provided by flat screen technology.

But LCD TV’s are now not only used for home entertainment, their use has expanded outside the home and outside the entertainment industry. Digital out of home media (DooH) or digital signage as it is often referred to, is quickly becoming the fastest growing new media.

Digital signage is the use of LCD (or plasma) TV’s used outside of the home for purposes of information and advertisement. As a result LCD screens are now being seen everywhere, from schools, colleges and shopping systems to outside digital signage systems on high streets and even bus shelters.

One of the reasons for the huge growth in implementation of LCD TVs in digital signage applications is the versatility and ever increasing sizes of LCD screen. Not only are LCD’s manufactured in standard TV sizes such as 36” to 46” but now, LCD screens have reached extremes of sizes from huge 70” LCD’s to tiny 6” screens.

Whilst the applications for LCD TV’s now seems endless, it must be remembered that most LCD TV’s are designed for home entertainment purposes and may fail when placed in less than ideal locations such as outside.

Protecting LCD’s in outdoor digital signage locations is problematic. Whilst some LCD TV’s are now being built with outdoor applications in mind there is less of variety, particularly in screen size.

Fortunately, LCD enclosures that are designed with outdoor digital signage applications in mind are available. These LCD TV enclosures allow the use of standard LCD TVs (or plasma) in an outdoor location.

These waterproof LCD enclosures are designed to house any size of LCD screen from small 17” monitors to giant 70” screens allowing nearly any sized LCD screen to be used outside.

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