Touch Screen Enclosures – Protecting Interactive Screens

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Whilst digital signage – using TV screens to provide advertising and information – is now a familiar concept to most people, as many shopping malls, retail centers, airports and other transport hubs are full of them.

The prevalence of digital signage is because it is a very effective means of communication that eliminates printing costs and can have content scheduled or remotely uploaded.

Protection for screens for use in outside environments as outdoor digital signage is readily available in the guise of LCD enclosures too, which enable modern LCD and plasma screens to be taken into almost any environment. However, despite the effectiveness of using screens in this manner, more and more display screens are becoming interactive with touch screens being used instead of standard device.

As touch screen devices such as mobile phones and tablet computers become widespread, increasingly people expect the same level of interaction with digital signage. But this does pose a problem with using them outside as due to the requirement of needing an exposed face, touch screens can’t be housed in a standard LCD enclosure.

Fortunately, touch screen enclosures do allow the interface between the human hand and the touch screen and offer all the same protective benefits of an LCD enclosure.

Touch screen enclosures permit interactivity whilst also providing weather protection and temperature control; this enables touch screens to be used in all sorts of outdoor locations ensuring they continue to work no matter what the weather is doing.

And digital signage is not the only application for modern touch screens. Increasingly industrial processes are using touch screen interfaces to control systems, and there is even more of a need for touch screen protection in these locations. Dust, grime, dirt and liquids can be plentiful in these areas so all-round protection is a pre-requisite.

Touch screen enclosures are used in both outdoor and industrial locations as they provide the most comprehensive touch screen protection available.

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