Different Ways to Protect LCD Screens in Different Locations

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The LCD screen is not just a modern TV. There are more uses for modern flat-screen TVs than just home entertainment. Computer screens, TVs and digital signage all use the same screen technology but for different purposes.

But this can often lead to problems as most LCD TV systems, even commercial grade screens are not designed for use outside a home type environment.

The method used to protect LCD screens is therefore an important consideration if the LCD device is to be taken anywhere that is not conducive to a home type environment. And screen protection is a consideration worth thinking about even if the location is a non hostile one.

Vulnerability of Screens

Whether it is an LCD or plasma device the most vulnerable aspect is the screen itself. Even in a home environment protection of the screen itself should be considered as quite often, even with a warranty, the screen may not be included.

And the screen of an LCD TV is easily broken too, and once the screen is cracked the device is useless.

Types of Screen Protection

LCD screen protectors are commonly available. Most of these are acrylic or Perspex and provide an additional barrier to protect against accidental impact, scratches and cracks. However, while these devices are good for the home of office – they don’t offer enough protection when the LCD device is taken to more hostile locales.

LCD enclosure for Outdoor LCD protection

Protect LCD Screens for Outdoor Digital Signage

When it comes to placing a screen in a hostile location where considerations such as rainfall, dust, dirt, vandalism and temperature can be a hazard, then you are going to need to protect more than just the screen.

Due to the prevalence of outdoor digital signage there has been an increase in outdoor and rugged screens but these are highly expensive and most outdoor digital signage installers prefer to use protective LCD enclosures instead. These steel housings not only protect against the rigours of the elements but also provide an impact and vandal proof barrier making them ideal for outdoor and hostile use.

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