Digital Signage Link Exchange

With so many new companies springing up in the digital signage world, it can be difficult for them to gain exposure and promote their products. At Armagard we believe that strong competition and communication will make the digital signage industry far stronger and more accessible for people to understand this new fantastic media.

This is why we have launched a link exchange programme and are willing to exchange links with other digital signage companies in order to help expose new and existing businesses online.

For those interested in exchanging links with or our sister company Armagard please contact Simone Radway:

From the High Street to the Mall – Digital Signage Locations and Applications

Digital out of Home (Dooh) is a relatively new industry. It is the use of TV screens taken outside the home for commercial, advertising and information purposes. For such a new industry, digital signage has been an incredibly fast moving market, with new installations, innovations and methods of deployment being implemented every day. Read More

High Brightness and Commercial Screens – Reviewed

With the boom of outdoor digital signage and outdoor TV systems the growing need for high brightness and commercial grade televisions is widening.

Standard TV devices can often be used in outdoor locations (as long as they are protected by an outdoor LCD enclosure) however, under direct sunlight and n high brightness areas the screen can become washed out, difficult to read and can even reflect glare. Read More

Snowy Weather – is your Outdoor Digital Signage Protected?

With most of the UK suffering from wintry weather, snow bringing havoc to many parts of the country, there is a potential for many of the outdoor digital signs that adorn our high streets to fail as the temperatures drop below the safe operating level of the LCD or plasma screen.

The severe cold can have severe effects on an ill-protected digital signage. When temperatures drop, internal components inside an LCD can freeze, with any humidity or condensation expanding causing severe damage.

Most outdoor screens should be designed to withstand quite a range of temperatures but when it gets too low, even the most expensive outdoor TV can run into problems.

To provide real comprehensive cold weather protection, insulation, heaters and other systems need to be deployed. LCD enclosures are one of the simplest solutions for this type of protection.  The enclosure, that also offers waterproof and all-weather protection, has the space for all these temperature components.

Insulation can be used to maintain the internal temperature, as the screen itself will generate quite a bit of heat. But when temperatures really drop, heaters have to be used.

Commonly these are thermostatically controlled (otherwise the LCD will overheat when the temperatures rise) and switch on when the temperature gets below a certain level; switching off again when it rises.

LCD enclosures are used in all sorts of severe weather environments such as ski resorts, as they are a sure-fire method of ensuring the LCD screen will still function at sub-zero temperatures.

Another benefit of them is that they also have space for a media player of compact PC, used for uploading content, which will also benefit from the same level of protection as the screen.

Digital Signage Jargon Deciphered

As a new industry digital signage is littered with acronyms, abbreviations and technical cant that it can often be difficult to understand what is meant.

The phrase digital signage is a good example, few people outside the industry refer to the use of TV screens for advertising, information and promotion as digital signage, with terms such as electronic billboard, digital poster or electronic sign more commonly used. Read More