Protecting Digital Signage Investment

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While using a screen for digital signage, advertising or providing information can save money in the long-term and generate better promotion and branding than static media, the initial cost of setting up a digital signage system can be fairly substantial.

Even simple display systems such as those used by small retailers, schools or local churches, prove a substantial investment, as the cost of screens, media players and installation can be quite high.

Protecting Digital Signage and making sure the screen and hardware lasts as long as possible, provides better opportunities on getting a return on investment.

Whether the screen is going indoors or out, protection reduces maintenance and repair costs, and lengthens the life of the screen and hardware:

Protecting Digital Signage with an LCD enclosure

Designed to house standard LCD and plasma display, LCD enclosures provide comprehensive protection both indoors, outside and in hostile locations. For outdoor digital signage, LCD enclosures protect standard hardware from, the weather and effects of ambient temperature changes, enabling an outdoor screen to function in all seasons.

Furthermore, LCD enclosures with their shatterproof screens and solid steel housing provide impact and vandalism protection — essential for screens left unattended.

Not just outdoor screens benefit from LCD enclosures. As LCD enclosures provide a constant and controllable internal temperature, the housed screen is always running within optimum ranges and never overheating. Furthermore, the enclosure prevents dust from getting inside and getting to the screen. As dust often covers filters and penetrates inside an LCD screen causing overheating and even short-circuits, the LCD enclosure provides a dust-free environment for the screen, avoiding the problems associated with dust build-up.

LCD enclosures don’t just protect screens, either. With room for media players and small factor PCs, an LCD enclosure lengthens the life of these devices too.

And when replacement of devices is due—all hardware has a limited lifespan, no matter how well protected it is—the same LCD enclosure can be reused time and time again.

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