An Outdoor TV for a Budget

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The way we watch television has changed over the last few years. We have waved goodbye to the VCR and welcomed technology like TiVo that enables us to watch TV shows when we want – not when the schedulers want us to.

Where we watch television has changed a lot too. With the Internet now a common source for many of our favorite shows, the living room is no longer the only place where we settle down to watch TV.

For those living in warmer climes, spending time outdoors becomes almost an extension of our homes, but until recently, while bathing in the pool, or cooking dinner on the barbecue were perfectly feasible – watching TV wasn’t.

Now, outdoor TV use is not only a reality – but can be done on a budget too.

An Outdoor TV doesn't have to be expensive

Outdoor TVs

Outdoor LCD TVs are very expensive; there is no getting away from that fact. While they are falling in price, any TV made for outdoor or all weather use will cost many times that of a similar indoor LCD.

Most of the additional cost goes into ensuring the TV is protected from the weather and can run, without problems, in an outdoor location – but there are far cheaper methods that are just as effective for using TVs in outdoor areas.

They key to outdoor TV use is protecting the device from rain and other weather elements whilst ensuring the operating temperatures of the device remains constant as too high a temperature can cause over heating leading to failure (whilst frozen conditions can lead to failure also).

LCD Enclosures

An LCD enclosure is a protective TV cabinet that does just that. A standard LCD device – either one bought specially or an older TV used around the home – can be taken outdoors and used in any weather or conditions as the LCD enclosure protects it.

An LCD enclosure is not only waterproof, protecting the LCD from rain, snow, hail, sleet and anything else the weather throws at it but the internal fans and climatic controls inside an LCD enclosure ensure the LCD screen is running at exactly the right temperature – all the time.

By investing in LCD enclosures, an outdoor TV can be routinely used and made possible at only a fraction of the cost of a bespoke outdoor LCD – and furthermore, as LCD enclosure can be wall mounted are manufactured from solid steel they are far more secure too.

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