The Enduring Nature of Digital Signage

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Despite being a new industry, digital signage has had to face some stiff challenges, especially the economic problems that have hit many western nations in the last few years.

With advertising one of the primary uses of this new technology, as well as being one of the most susceptible industries to economic problems (advertising budgets tend to be the first costs businesses rein in during difficulties) you’d be forgiven in thinking that digital out of home media will be in difficulties.

But you couldn’t be more wrong, indeed, despite the world global financial problems, digital signage is still growing and even outdoor digital signage is experience strong growth compared to other sectors.

To understand why is to examine exactly what makes this new marketing and advertising medium so attractive:

Dynamic Digital Signage

Digital signage is able to reach consumers whilst they are still making retail decisions. Point of sale displays and in-store screens can steer customers to particular products or brands that no other advertising medium can.

Immediate Digital Signage

No other advertising system has the immediacy of digital signage either. Traditional billboards, posters and other printed media require planning and time to produce. You will have to wait for the display adverts to come from the printers  and if it is an outdoor campaign you will also have to employ a technician to go around and erect the advertisements.

With digital signage, there is none of this. Content can be uploaded immediately and with modern software and advertising templates it can be created in minutes, meaning your ad campaign can react to the businesses day-to-day needs.

This flexibility has enabled users of digital signage to react to the marketplace, rather than trying to manipulate the market to their specific products – especially important in times of recession. The cumulative cost savings of not having to pay for printed media also adds up, making it a cost effective alternative in a far shorter time frame than you would imagine.

Engaging Digital Signage

Another reason why digital signage has been so sustainable and enduring during the economic downturn is effectiveness at being noticed. Screens are far more engaging than printed media especially in outdoor digital signage where we are not used to seeing such technology. This newness has an instant appeal and whether the content is relevant to the viewer or not, at least with a digital sign you can at least rest assured knowing they probably looked at it.

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