The Most Common Size of LCD Screen?

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LCD and plasma screens have now taken over the home entertainment market with flat panel screens now sat in most living rooms. The reason for the obsolescence of CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) is quite obvious. Not only are LCD TV’s a lot cheaper to produce, their design also enable a multitude of different sizes and aspect ratios.

For the majority of home use the most common aspect size is now 16:9 taking over from 4:3 with the advent of widescreen but what about the most common size of screen?

The great thing about modern LCD TV design is that screen size is incredibly flexible. TV’s are now sold as small as 9” to as large as 150” LCD – and they are getting bigger all the time.

Because of this flexibility in size there is no common LCD TV screen size and while 32” to 46” is quite common for the average living room because LCD TVs are now being implemented for lots of other purposes such as outdoor entertainment and digital signage, screen sizes can range dramatically.

Because of this, and the growing use of LCD TVs outdoors, our LCD enclosures are designed to accommodate nearly every imaginable size of LCD. From small compact enclosure that can house a 17-24” LCD screen to custom made enclosures that allow the use of giant 80”+ TV’s to be used outdoors and be protected from the rain.

No matter what size the screen, it is essential to protect it from rainfall and other hostile elements if the TV is to be used outdoors. LCD enclosures are ideal for this and as all our protective LCD cabinets are built with our usual high level of engineering quality, they are guaranteed to protect any size LCD from almost any condition.

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