Outdoor Digital Signage – Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance

Using an LCD screen in an outdoor location is a natural evolution for anybody already involved in Dooh marketing (digital out of home). However, outdoor digital signage is a different animal to using indoor screens and requires proper thought and planning if you wish for your campaign to be a success. Read More

Consequences of Poor Outdoor Digital Signage Protection…Part One

The rise of digital out of home (Dooh) has been an expeditious one. From the first screens installed in shopping malls and transport hubs, to today, where the high streets are becoming filled with outdoor digital signage screens, kiosks and digital posters. Read More

Outdoor Digital Signage – NEMA 4 Explained

Selecting LCD screens to operate in an outdoor location isn’t easy. Outdoor locations are not the type of area most LCD type monitors – including commercial grade screens – are designed to operate in. Read More

Outdoor Digital Signage – Choosing the right enclosure

Protection is vital for any enclosure that is to house an outside digital signage system. Ensuring the rain, wind and snow doesn’t penetrate into the screen is vital, as is ensuring the optimum operating temperature inside the enclosure. However, regardless of whether a digital sign is placed indoors or out, it still needs to look the part. Read More

Choosing a Screen for Outdoor Digital Signage

The demands on outdoor digital signage can differ to other forms of digital out of home advertising (DooH). Not only does any digital advertising have to be protected from the elements if it is placed outdoors, but there must also be some consideration into what type of screen is used outside. Read More

Installing Digital Signage – Avoiding the Pitfalls

With so many companies and businesses taking advantage of digital signage many people are considering a foray into this new media themselves. However, any digital advertising campaign will require an initial outlay and caution is advised otherwise any return on investment from installing digital signage may be difficult to accomplish. Read More

Why Your Business should be investing in Digital Signage

Advertising is crucial for perhaps all businesses; attracting new customer, letting existing ones know of your latest developments and spreading your brand image is vital marketing for any company. Read More

Press release: Global LCD Enclosures from Armagard

Outdoor digital signage is one of the fastest growing global industries and leading European manufacturers Armagard are leading the way with their global LCD enclosures. Read More

Choosing a Digital Signage System

When you are about to embark on a digital signage campaign there are three things that need to be taken into consideration: Read More

Using LCD TVs in Factory Floor Settings

The LCD TV is an incredibly flexible device. The flat panel TV’s that have now all but replaced the bulky CRT monitors of yesteryear can be mounted against a wall and are ideal for digital signage and information purposes. Read More