Digital Signage – Getting the Best ROI for your Money

Digital signage is no different to any other industry when it comes to getting a return on investment. Ensuring you get at least what you put in is vital – otherwise it is pointless embarking on a campaign if it will cost money and not generate any. Read More

The Growth of Digital Signage

Digital signage is the fastest growing medium and the entire digital out of home advertising (Dooh) sector is continuing to rise even during the current global financial difficulties. Read More

Outdoor TV Screens – Saving Lives – Part one

Outdoor digital signage is receiving a boon from advertisers and marketers who are finding this technology a cost effective method of promotion, advertising and providing information such as wayfinding. Read More

Digital Signage in the Desert – extreme protection for extreme locations

Outdoor digital signage is fast catching up with indoor systems. It has some way to go yet but there are more and more installs in outdoor locations erected everyday. Read More

The Future of Outdoor Television

With the Internet broadcasting TV programs, radio shows, films and music there is a growing divergence of media and the traditional platforms have become somewhat indistinguishable. People are now just as likely to watch television on the Internet, than on their home TV systems or have an outdoor television. Read More

Complications in Waterproofing Outdoor Screens

Using screens outside, whether it is for outdoor digital signage, information provision or for providing entertainment, will require some form of weatherproofing. Using any electrical appliance outdoors can only be done safely and reliably if the screen is protected from the weather—particularly from water. Read More

Outdoor Digital Signage – Health and Safety Responsibility

Outdoor digital signage is one of the fastest growing areas in the whole digital out of home (Dooh) industry. In outdoor locations across the country, screens and digital billboards are beginning to spring up everywhere from the high street to along roadsides. Read More

The Outdoor Digital Signage Checklist…part one

When embarking on an outdoor digital signage campaign there are numerous pitfalls, hurdles and challenges that can halt your installation, damage the screen or reduce the ability to retrieve a return on your investment. Read More

So what is Digital Signage?

The term digital signage has become common parlance over the last few years but exactly what is Digital Signage?  Digital signage is a term used to describe any signage system that uses TV technology to display advertising or information.

Digital out of home advertising is often another term that describes the use of LCD and plasma TV’s for this purpose but in fact there is more to just advertising when it comes to digital signage. Read More

Rugged Digital Signage

Few people are unaware of the growth of digital signage. You only have to look around your local shopping mall, airport, or even convenience store or gas station to see one of these advertising screens in action. Read More