Outdoor Digital Signage – Big is Beautiful

Getting your advertising noticed is one of the biggest challenges of outdoor digital signage. Every day we are exposed to thousands of advertising messages, whether they be on TV, radio, in the newspaper, or on outdoor billboards and posters. Read More

Armagard to be at 2012 UEFA European Football Championship (Euro 2012)

Armagard, leading manufacturers or protective LCD enclosures used for outdoor digital signage and information displays in hostile locations, are sending 265 of their 52” LCD enclosures to the Olympic National Sports Complex, that is being built for Euro 2012. Read More

Outdoor Digital Screen Protection – What to look out for

Outdoor digital signage is becoming a popular marketing tool. And it is not just advertising that this dynamic, colorful and eye-catching medium is being used for – all sorts of industries and applications are using TV screens in an outdoor location. Read More

Outdoor Advertisers – Reason to go Digital

Street advertising is an old art form. Since the early days of printing; posters, signs, billboards and adverts have littered our high streets and it has been the key challenge of outdoor advertisers to ensure that their sign or poster gets noticed amongst such a backdrop of commercials. Read More

Outside Protection for LCDs and Plasmas

The use of LCD and plasma screens outside has rocketed in recent years thanks largely to the expansion of digital signage and in particular outdoor digital signage.

Keeping these display devices protected in outdoor areas is a particular challenge particularly as LCD and plasmas used for outdoor signage are the same devices that we use as home TV systems. Read More

Stainless Steel LCD Enclosure for Food and Clean Room Digital Signage

Digital signage is more than just flashy advertising; digital signage has many uses from providing information to customers to providing vital work related information to employees. Read More

Using LCD and Plasmas in Outdoor Locations

The use of LCD screens and digital advertising has expanded dramatically in the last few years and with the costs of the technology continuing to fall their seems to sign in the slowing of their use. Read More

Digital Signage Getting Tough – LCD Enclosures

Digital signage is a great way of advertising and raising awareness. Not only do TV screens provide a more dynamic and attractive advertising medium than traditional print media but with the attention that it can grab, it is also a cost effective method. Read More

Protecting a TV Outdoors

Increased leisure time and more people entertaining at home rather than going to pubs and bars, means watching television outside is becoming a common want for many householders and homeowners. Read More

Protecting Outdoor Digital Signage from Harsh and Freak Weather

The news seems to be full of harsh weather stories and freak weather occurrences at the moment, with Tornadoes battering the American Midwest, floods in Mississippi and even in countries where weather is generally milder, extreme winds and weather fronts are making headlines. Read More